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Progressive Die Stamping of a Steel Ratchet Lift Leg for the Health & Fitness Industry

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Steel Ratchet Plate

At Aggressive Engineering Corp., we take on projects that may appear simple but can require more know-how than might be immediately apparent. Our innovative problem-solving can deliver part redesign and process restructuring that ensure quality while manage costs.

We designed and produced this progressive die stamped, left and right steel ratchet plate. Used in a treadmill application, it was designed to lift the walk/run surface of a treadmill in order to alter the incline for the exerciser. Our engineers used their design expertise to develop the AutoCAD tool drawings and to design the part separating system. We then stamped the part using progressively die-stamping. The paired parts were stamped from heavy-gauge, hot-rolled, pickled, and oiled (HRP & O) steel. Upon completion of the scheduled weekly deliveries, we had provided 75,000 parts to our health and fitness industry client.

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Progressive Die Stamping Project Highlights

Product Name Left & Right Lift Leg Ratchet
Product Description This steel ratchet plate is used as a treadmill lift leg to change the incline on an exercise machine.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Part Separating System
  • AutoCAD Tool Drawings
Progressive Die Stamping
  • Heavy Gage
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 150 Ton Press - Open Back Incline
Overall Part Dimensions Material Thickness: 7 Gage (.179")
Tightest Tolerances ±.005"
Material Used HRP&O Steel
Material Finish None
In process testing/inspection performed Quality Management System per ISO 9001:2008
Industry for Use Health & Fitness
Home Fitness
Volume 75,000 Pairs
Delivery Time Weekly
Delivery Location U.S.A.
Standards Met ISO 9000 Compliant

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