What are your minimum quantities?

We prefer medium to high volume, but this depends on variables such as design, cost, size, potential, etc. Please call for individual consideration.

What materials do you use in the manufacturing of your stamped parts?

We will use any alloy specified by the customer, primarily but not limited to: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized, copper and brass, high temperature nickel alloys.

What are A.E.C.'s specialties?

Deep draw and progressive stampings. Also blanking, forming, coining, extruding, embossing, mechanical assembly and secondary machining.

If we need help in specific areas, what can you offer in the area of Consultation?

We can provide the assistance of a direct A.E.C. sales department, design and manufacturing engineers, and a customer service department.

Our Projects

At Aggressive Engineering Corp., projects range from simple, to the very complex, to impossible. Please review a sampling of our past projects.

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