A water heater manufacturer was in need of a deep drawn stamping service that could create a galvanized steel enclosure for one of their water heater products. The enclosure’s previous design required that RTV silicone be applied to seal the lid, the process was both time-consuming and messy. In view of the high volume that the product required, this approach was proving particularly costly and inefficient in the long-term. When our client decided to rectify this assembly challenge, they turned to us for a solution. We collaborated with them to develop a design that incorporated an O-ring and clamp seal design.

Aggressive Engineering offered design assistance as well as production and assembly insights while leveraging our AutoCAD and reverse engineering expertise. In production, our deep draw stamping processes included blanking, trimming, curling and forming. Our lean and efficient deep draw stamping operation produced 50,000 rust-resistant lower enclosures in electro-galvanized steel.

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Steel Lower Enclosure Highlights

Product NameSteel Lower Enclosure
Product DescriptionThis steel lower enclosure is used within a water heater application. The previous design used RTV silicone to seal the lid. The Customer needed to eliminate the messy and time consuming process, so we worked with them to incorporate an O-Ring and Clamp Seal.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesDesign

  • AutoCAD
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Design Assistance
Deep Draw Stamping

  • Multi-Stage
  • Blanking
  • Trimming
  • Curling
  • Forming
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part300 Ton Hydraulic Press
Overall DimensionsMaterial Thickness: 18 Gage (.048″)
Tightest Tolerances±.010″
Material UsedElectro Galvanized Steel
Material FinishZinc Galvaneal
In process testing/inspection performedQuality Management System per ISO 9001:2008
Industry for UseEnergy Conservation
Volume50,000 Pieces
Delivery TimeKanban
Delivery LocationU.S.A.
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Drawings