At Aggressive Engineering Corp., we provide custom deep draw stamping which allows the highly cost-effective, high-volume production of seamless circular parts. Our experienced design engineering team created the AutoCAD die drawings and the custom inspection fixtures. After stamping, the parts were fusion-welded to create a ultra-violet light chamber, intended for a residential water purification and filtration device. We used 304L stainless steel and employed a multi-stage deep draw stamping processes, and special die inserts to produce a scar- and scratch-free surface. We effectively produced 1,200,000 parts for just-in-time (JIT) delivery to our client.

We are ISO 9000 certified and in today’s competitive, sophisticated environment, we support our commitment to lean, quality-driven manufacturing through our use of Six Sigma management strategies and systems as well as Statistical Process Control documentation.

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Steel Chamber Shell Project Highlights

Product NameUpper & Lower Chamber Shell
Product DescriptionThis stainless steel ultra violet light chamber shell is used within a water purification application. The Upper and Lower shells get fusion welded together to create the chamber.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesDesign

  • Custom Inspection Fixture
  • AutoCAD Tool Drawings
Deep Draw Stamping

  • Multi-Stage
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part200 Ton Hydraulic Press
Overall Part DimensionsMaterial Thickness: 20 Gage (.036″)
Tightest Tolerances±.005″

  • Cylindricity Within .015″ (Critical Because There is NO Material being Added During the Welding Process)
  • Squareness Within .005″
  • Overall Height Within ±.005″
Material Used304L Stainless Steel
Material FinishNone
In process testing/inspection performedQuality Management System per ISO 9001:2008
Industry for UseHome Appliance
Water Purification
Delivery TimeJust In Time (J.I.T.)
Delivery LocationU.S.A.
Standards MetISO 9000 Compliant
6 Sigma
4 Feature Statistical Process Control (SPC) Documentation